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May. 8, 2016

Here are the links to 'Waitress (The Dream)' and there are THREE 'Watresses' to serve you!

Two straight Country/2 vocalists and one Country Rock.

May 21 is National Servers day so give a sister a break?

Anne-Marie The Waitress Country ROCK:

Anne-Marie The Waitress-Country:

Syd Waitress-Country:

Apr. 24, 2016

My Special Music People:


A Brief Raycap of my Career in a Nuthouse, Nutshell. (#2)


A Short List of some of the SPECIAL people and projects I worked with during my 38 Odd (and they WERE ODD!) years in the Music Bidness..


The material herein remains the property of Ray Ramsay and is not intended for Publication, Reproduction, or Broadcast without the Authors permission. Yeah.


*This week’s start-off is fitting with all the Bollywood Ballyhoo going on*



          This music form started as a form of East Indian folk music which quickly turned into an early type of ‘Trance’ music, Bhang being the term for Hashish. BMG picked up the rights to Musicor Records from the UK which was modern form of the format. I found it shocking how, without reservation, a lot of Video/Music store owners would bend over their own Culture by booting a song at the drop of headwear, and think nothing of it.

          Part of the Musicor package was a local artist going by the name of Indian Lion, Michael Sunner by day, and he defined himself as more of a Pop artist, and distanced himself from the Bhangara cache. It was a challenge to work this given his past relations with the South Asian Media, a bit strained and estranged you might say, and his Manager was a lot of work too..La De Da

We DID get some feature Top40 play but nothing like Apache Indians ‘Arranged Marriage’ got.

I did go to a Bhangara concert involving a couple of Musicor groups, and it was a real eye-opening Cultural experience to see how they worked their own community, but I couldn’t help feel like the center of an Oreo cookie.

I called them Bhangaroos; it was just funny and helped with the grief. I still like the food though.



My band; Learned how to play well with others, write songs, gained empathy for working with future Artists and groups. Bruce & Sam booked us and opened a door for the future too.

I was the drummer; I knew right off that I couldn’t get an electric shock playing the drums! I played guitar just enough to be able to write songs but not on stage.

I also sang the Stones songs cuz Jagger can’t sing either, projects well though.

We had some pretty talented players thru the various configurations; one was John Pearson who played Sax with us in our Rhythm & Blues All-Stars days. We weren’t but we wanted to be. John took the name we vacated and with Colin Weinmaster formed ‘The R&B All-Stars’ (nice nick John) with Hans Staymer on Vocals.

The other constant thru everything was my friend Jerry Walliser who played Guitar/Vocals and wrote ‘Out in the Street’ the bands best non-cover song, and the recording is from a rehearsal. John and Colin went on the form Wave Productions and have been very successful.

 Jerry is in the Movie Biz and I saw him in ‘The 5 People You Meet in Heaven’ an emotional book and film tour de force, quite unusual for both to be as good as the other.

I freely admit that I am probably the world’s WORST guitar player, certainly the slowest. I would play only the slow songs because I had to pause while I changed chords, and I wouldn’t do that often..CHANGE chords?! YOU change chords!, I LIKE this chord and I’m gonna STAY here! Like I said, drummer.

I would have been VERY popular at a Dirge-Fest: Hey, where’s Ray, I need to cheer down!

A friend of mine recently commented on my Linkedin picture, saying I looked like Eric Clapton, I replied that I played guitar like Eric Claptrap.

Back in those days, there weren’t any monitors and sitting behind the rest of the band, with all the music going AWAY from me, I’d say we were lucky if we were playing the same songs. It was a joyful noise, if not outright racket, Beethoven’s 9th Racket p’raps.


Bruce Bissell-

Mr Silly to me, But NO Clown at Promotion! A GREAT guy, friend and survivor of da biz. Worked for A&M and Weiner Bros and he’s got stories!


Spencer Britten-(Post Raytirement project)

I’m certainly jaded after all these years but this kid blew me away at a Celebration of Life’ I was attending for my late Sister-in-law when a young Chinese kid stands up and starts singing IN ITALIAN what turned out to be ‘Bring him home’ from Les Miserables. I had some experience with this format from working with Gino Vannelli’s ‘Songs for My Father’ project, and this, to me, is every bit as good. Needs a bit of polishing but otherwise he’s a light in the forest. Where is David Foster when you need him?! Also turns out we’re related thru marriage. Amazing.


The BMG Vancouver Crew-Buck, Miss Katherine, Lisa, Matt2, Mike, Deano, Sean, Peter Mouser, Marilyn, Lynne, Mel, Charlotte, Michelle and Bob: ALL among the BEST crew I have worked with. RIP Leagh Alden.


John Bottomley-

As grounded as they come in a high flying business. A REAL good and appreciative guy and a record that I broke on Vancouver Rock Radio, at the time it shudn’t have happened, but it did, I’m sorry he’s gone.


Brooks & Dunn (and Reba) ~

          Dunn now, but not forgotten. More true Country Music Pros. Country acts are SO good to work with, and they put up with a LOT.

          One tour was sponsored by a Brewery with a stop in Vancouver. We had to go to the Brewery’s Hospitality suite to meet the boys.


(L>R:Reba,fan, Lisa/BMG’s Mom, Ronnie, Lisa, Power Behind the Throne yours truly behind Lisa, Kix in a shirt that would stop traffic, and my long suffering wife and BMG’r Lynne)


          The B&D were VERY well organized, as usual; the roll-out was..Shake/Howdy, Pose/Click, Grin/Agin! Each person was to receive a color Polaroid inserted in a pre-signed cardboard frame, very nice.

          Except, one of the Beer girls had waaay too much brew (and not enough exposure to celebrities, TV and Magazines notwithstanding) and spilled even more ALL OVER the table the cameras and cardboard frames were on, Ooopsy, giggle, offered Miss Jiggle.

          There was a moment of DEAD silence in the room, time stopped and you could hear a firing-pin drop, BUT not a discouraging word (altho I heard it, mind reader that I am), Kix and Ronnie just bit down HARD and got thru it.

          They came thru another time on a Co-Headline show with Reba McIntire and all three did the Meet & Greet together, no Burpo, slips or miss-haps and Reba was VERY nice to deal with. She was repped by Universal’s Theresa Blackwell who is a Super person and deserved MUCH better than she actually got, in the end.

          Unfortunately, Brooks & Dunn went on first and after their HIGH energy show, you could feel the energy level plummet as Reba came on. She does a good show, just not as dynamic as B&D outgunning Tres Hombres.


                                      Ray Ramsay: Wordsmith/Humoroid / Rayconteur


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'                                                             and new & Unintelligible... Gibberish Speaking'





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Mar. 21, 2016

The Call of the ‘Hall’ by Grizzly Ramsay                                                         March 6/16

            I’ve been asked to put my thoughts to paper addressing my feelings about being inducted into the BC Country Music Hall of Fame, in 3 short sentences, goes!

            The phone modulated at me.

            Phones don’t ‘ring’ so much anymore, they ‘tone’, and when our landline phones ring (There’s one in every room so we don’t miss anything) it’s bedlam cuz someone with a more than passing resemblance to me was on their own one day and got bored and set them all to different ringtones, so now it sounds like a warning that our house is approaching an iceberg OR, there’s a Prison Break.

            I always check Call Display to see if it’s a disgruntled Creditor or another Jackass pretending he’s from Microsoft (or Jamaica, judging by the accent, Mon.) to tell me he’s calling to save me from some intrusive Virus or possibly a Yeast infection, and that for a small ransom, he’ll make it go away, so last time, I made HIM go away, I just said ‘computer? WHAT computer? What Computer mean Kemo Sabe?!’ there was a pause, could have been pregnant, ‘you don’t own a computer?’ he asked incredulously, obviously seeing the lucre draining away. ‘Not even a laptop? He asked hopefully. ‘Nope, but I do have an Abacus,’ I offered, ‘That any good?’ I said to a dead line, and he hasn’t called back since.

            So, the number, being new to me, I took the call and it was the effervescent BCCMA VP Linda Corscadden calling to advise that I had been nominated to be inducted into the BC Country Music Hall of Fame (p’ar me?) and would I accept....well, I was stunned (making several people momentarily right) and realizing my attempt to respond was resulting in animal sounds (I’m a GOOD little doggy!), and after a lengthy pause, and considering the call wasn’t collect, I managed a YES! (Hoopty Hoopty!)

            Having recovered from my momentary shyness, we chatted for a bit about the details, the Devils IN them y’know.

            After the call, I sat down to think about what I’d just heard...(insert pages flying off a calendar and the hands on a clock flying round the face, here and Jacob Marley with a guitar and Dreadlocks...what, too much?)

            I think it was 1980, at the end of that nights Danny Awards, that I decided to take my leave after about 2 years’ service, an intense 2 years, and it was a relief, like I had an Albacore lifted off my shoulders.

            I had enabled two televised award shows they hadn’t had before, the original Tribute to Ray McAuley, and had expanded the Country consciousness by hosting showcases in the BC interior, as it was the BC CMA, and that’s a lot.

            Time went by (get that thing away from me, we just DID that time flies bit! Are you the smart one or just the one that lived?) and it wasn’t until the late ‘90’s (At an awards show at the BELL Centre in Surrey) that I’d been asked to present an Award (I was still in the Dogs House, that is to say RCA Records) and this resulted in being taken backstage, where I saw SoCred Minister Jim ‘Lefty’ Nielsen (Minister in charge of being punched by married ladies husbands...sound of clearing throat here) icing a shiner (that’s SHINER, not SHRINER, people!) and then I was deposited on the wrong side of the stage, causing me to trip over the snake-pit of wires strewn across the stage, finally making it to the correct Podium side where I read off the Nominees for some category or other and then came to a full, cold stop, as I hadn’t been given the envelope with the Winners name, and just about when I was going to ask the audience who THEY thought should win..the envelope was swooshed into my hand like it was Zorro delivering it (pause to check for paper cuts) and I announced the name forthwith.

            My duty done I made a grand exit along with several bottles of Budweiser (my Favorite wine), a bag of beer Nuts and a Urinal cake.

            The BCCMA and I didn’t cross Happy Trails again until 2011 when I was asked if I would Induct Jess Lee into the hallowed Hall of Fame..would I?? Just try and stop me! No problem with Jess, I knew him quite well as he and Surreys Six String Savant Ed Molyski were the core of MRB (Midnite Rodeo Band) which I had the pleasure of signing to RCA Canada, it was FUN!

...and now, some 36 years (over 48 in Music) down this Country roadappHHHH Hhhh                    they’re running me to ground, and there’s quite few Crosses at the side of this road, like the Multi-Instrumentalist Mark Telford, Marilyn Ann Taylor, Peter Hamlin (Stand/Sit in Drummer for MRB), Rick Sims, Ray McAuley and John Ford to name only a few.

            I’m somewhat proud to see the BCCMA has risen beyond its humble origins of what was a well-intended gaggle of Country Music fans, Writers and Performers, Managers and Booking Agents, some with a lot of sniping, back-biting/stabbing (that your knife?), enviously rabid fans, (a couple of whom could spit venom further than a Cobra, I seen it!) with a sprinkling of Music Industry people, to the Organization it’s become today; I like organization, in fact, I’m so organized my DAYS are numbered!

            These people have a LOT to be proud of, today there are a number of highly credible BC Artists that are recognized nationally and Internationally and that’s saying something, I like to think I had a hand in that if only formatively and....Hey! Where’s my PANTS!? I SAID I wanted to pass along my GENES!!

            While I Raytired in 2004 from BMG Music (Formerly RCA, RCA/Ariola, THEN BMG and that no longer exists being swallowed headlong by Sony in a merger, altho there still IS an RCA Label....Good Dog!) I NEVER retired from MUSIC (it’s my DNA7th) and in the Fall of 2014 after being awoken by a song in my head that would not let go, I went back to writing songs and called my former band-mate (BigFoot) co-writer/Guitarist Down Home Jerome to help me finish the song and all the others since; we hadn’t written in 45 years!

            I hope you’ll be hearing the ‘Waitress (The Dream) soon, which IS a Country song (or Country Rock depending on which version you prefer) and we consider this a kind of Anthem for and Tribute to Servers, Waitresses, Bartenders, everywhere, and I know of what I speak as I’ve not only worked in bars myself but both my Starter AND Keeper wives did the same.


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Jan. 31, 2016

My Special Music People: #31


A Brief Raycap of my Career in a Nuthouse, Nutshell.


A Short List of some of the SPECIAL people and projects I worked with during my 38 Odd (and they WERE ODD!) years in the Music Bidness..


The material herein remains the property of Ray Ramsay and is not intended for Publication, Reproduction, or Broadcast without the Authors permission. Yeah.



Marc Bolan used to tell people he lived with a Wizard; Really? Pull the other one!

He was the first Rock Star I saw wearing Make-up and Mascara off-stage. What a goof. Mickey Finn was alright, but Marc? If you have to pay people to be your friend, something’s screwy; Bang a Wrong.


I first met his Bass player Jack Green there, who would become something of a Solo priority for RCA.


When I hooked up with T.Rex it was the downside of their career but still hugely popular. In Victoria we were all scared the fans would crush the Limo from sheer weight on it trying to get on and IN it.

I kept away from the Nasal spray bottle being passed around the Dressing Room and was amazed to see, after the show, Marc shove all food left over in the dressing room into a canvas Mail-bag to be taken back to the hotel; I thought, aren’t you rich? Maybe that’s how he stayed that way.


In Vancouver Marc threatened to break Vaughn Palmers nose if he called him a Punk one more time during a Press conference. I was also shocked to discover that his Road Manager couldn’t read, couldn’t read English, and he WAS!


Backstage at the concert, things turned into a real ‘Gong’ show as Marc, wanting a certain recreational refreshment, wasn’t getting any so he threw a Five foot nothing FIT and was leaving until somebody got him, um, the real thing? The show went on but the headlines in the next day’s papers said it all..’T. Wrecks!’ How the mighty have fallen.


‘Tuesday’~ as a weekday was originally named after Tyr a God of the Nordic people (Tyrs-day) and the Greeks named it after Ares, their God of War and while this entry isn’t about Warfare it is about making some noise, so THIS Tuesday was a Canadian Record label helmed by Greg Hambleton  and distributed by Quality and TPC here in BC. Greg’s brother Fergus was also a recording artist but not with us so he’s not a player in this story.


            The Ontario group Steel River was ‘Tuesdays’ first signing and they scored with ‘Ten Pound Note’ from their first LP, their biggest impact at Top40 Radio. This was followed by ‘Southbound Train’ from their Sophomore Album and to me was a better record but ‘Ten Pound Note’ remains their signature track.

            I’ve just been listening to their albums as I go thru them to transfer from Vinyl to my CPU, and I find quite a bit of their stuff stands the test of time, in fact, considering that in 1970 that FM Rock Radio was almost non-existent, they were probably ahead of their time, and might have been bigger with that outlet.


            Tuesday Records provided some important links to me for my future as it connected me to some pretty key players locally as it was thru them that I met Bruce Allen when we were both at Vancouver Int’l Airport to meet Greg as Bruce had flown him in to produce his (then) big act ‘Cross-Town Bus’, a single called ‘Josie’ I believe, that got some play at least locally, on then Top40 Powerhouse CKLG/AM, home of ‘Real’ Roy Hennessy, centerfold to Women of Vancouver and beyond.


            I believe I saw Cross Town Bus play The Commodore, the Singer/Guitarist was wearing Powder Blue Bib Overalls I think.

            Bruce never did take the ‘Bus’ after all but wound up in a Silver Vet with Gold Wheels and plate that said ‘Unruly’; he is truly ‘driven’.


            Enter Shelly Siegel, who had yet to Mushroom, but was booking some shows, one of which was at the Cloverdale (Rodeo) Fairgrounds headlining our own Steel River, an adversarial bunch if ever I met one. Maybe they had played Ontario Place and ‘made it’ by then.

            They were highly opinionated arguers that went out of their way to discourage local Retail support, notably by pissing off the buyer, Leigh Bordignon, from A&B Sound, at a Meet & Greet reception we had arranged for them; please stop helping.


            Seems they flew in on Wing & A Prayer Airways as all they had was a gig and a Hotel room, plus a Manager, who it was said, would later disband the band after giving away percentages of them to curry favor with various individuals, exceeding 100%, thereby earning the ‘Shareholders’ a robust 4/5 of fuck all, metrically or Imperially.


            While I was working at TPC/Quality, I was also playing in a Band ‘Bigfoot’, that friend Jerry Walliser and I put together, and while I was Steel Rivers ‘Driver’, he was their Roadie, driving their rented equipment to the gig, which wasn’t overly well attended if memory serves, sending Steel River into a snit and not being shy of letting everybody know their bias for Toronto, something that ALWAYS goes over big out here in the West, uh huh, prior to ending their set and smashing their rented equipment; that’ll show us!


            So Shelley took a bit of a bath with Steel River, but would recover over time with a lot of Heart.

            I’m pretty sure ‘Tuesday’ Records opened on a Monday and closed on a Friday, just not in the same week; Da Do Ron-Ron-Ron, Da Do Ron-Ron.



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Jan. 12, 2016

Jan 11/16

*’David Boy’ Cover Page

RIP David Jones: You were ALL Wonderful

I hadn’t planned to write this.

The news of his passing rang a sad note, not the starting bell of a writing contest or opportunity to be seen/read…Hey! Looka ME!

            My Editor of the ePaper The White Rock Sun (

which publishes some of my drivel, and Friend, Dave Chesney, a surviving Veteran of the Music Biz himself, asked me if I had anything on David (I didn’t) but said I would try, and by the end of the day, the attached is the result, not bad if I do say so, and who’s writing this anyway, Hmmm?!

            I don’t have a ‘plan’ for writing stories for this year, thinking instead to dedicate more time to a parallel pursuit (which will become obvious shortly), however, just saying or thinking that is silly, as I haven’t EVER ‘planned’ to write (or create) ANYTHING, it just comes to me or, it doesn’t.

            However, with other writing challenges champing and chafing at the bit to be turned loose on you unsuspecting lot, you may read less stories (I heard that Bruce!) or more stories with melody (I think there’s a song there!) as I reduce my Ecological ‘fingerprint’.

            So, please stand by and enjoy this that I share with you?

                                                Grizzly Ramsay/The Lad in Ladner


The material herein remains the property of Ray Ramsay / ALadinLadner Publishing:The Written Werd and Dirty Book Store is not intended for Publication, Reproduction, or Broadcast without the Authors permission. Yeah.