RayMan had a little Lam

My fave band, Odds 2nd album/ Backstage Pass

RayMan Had a Little Lam by Wry Ramsay                             Feb 11/20

*an excerpt from Promo Monkey 3: The Chat Trick*

            People LOVE to peek behind the curtain of the Music (and Entertainment Biz in general) to see what REALLY goes on back there (What are you hiding? Pretty much everything!) BUT you aren’t getting back there without Accreditation  (which is approved in advance of the event) the credentials being known as a Backstage Pass with various levels of access to see a band practising some Dark Art or Rite, possibly cannibalism, unexpectedly.

            The Backstage Pass is casually known as a ‘Lam’ in the best incorrect English possible, the Music Biz have done more harm to the English Language by developing their own argot, not unlike the ‘Carnies’ from traveling Circuses or Carnivals, than Trump has done to Common Sense.

            In the early days of shows/Touring, access was identified on a ‘sticky’ which was a fabric patch complete with details on the front and a very sticky surface on the back for adhering to your good clothes, which came, on its own, with a hefty Dry Cleaning bill to get all sticky shit off; expense it! Part of the Gob…sorry JOB!

            These gradually gave way to the more manageable access accreditation now known as a laminate, ergo ‘Lam’ which came with clips or lanyards which looped around your neck.

            Over the years I kept a fair amount of these lams as souvenirs, as if the emotional scars alone weren’t enough.

            I employed some of these lams ( Cue Bo Peep) in my books (Promo Monkey: My Life as a BellHop in the Waldorf Hysteria, Promo Monkey: Monkey See, Monkey TWO, and possible a 3rd epic which would include this bit of drivel in Promo Monkey 3: The Chat Trick should the first two live) as an interesting way to dress up the narrative, but as I have a box full of these (the Lam Yard) I only used a few and what follows is even fewer so enjoy what you missed!

            RayMan: Exultant Consultant, irreverent revenant, Wordsmith & Humorist

Whitney before she became Bobby Browns punching bag, what a VOICE!

Toronto's Trebs with their American cousins and Gob from YVR

THAT Tom boy, his early hits belied how deep his SOUL was which is proven out by his later recordings

Sloooooan! Maritimely ours and a great band.

OVER THE TOP Home Run album, broke on 100.3TheQ Victoria for Vancouver, and Carlos one of the finest people I met

Great band, great people, Country as a front porch

Flip side of Neopolitan released party lam, face side all faded out now but the memory Raymains, what a band!

Toronto's Country heavyweight Julian Austin taking a run at the brass ring, a true buckaroo.

What a TRIP THIS was! From the street to the TOP of the charts and MULTI-Platinum too. Enjoyed every minute with these people! Truly a SUPER huMAN effort.

The 1st of many tours that landed here in YVR and ALWAYS a pleasure to work with and fight for

Certainly a BIG effort to launch, we had FUN!

YES, THOSE guys!

Worked with this gentleman so many times I think I started to LOOK like him, which may account for my incredible height

A HARD sell but a labor of love from the Epiphany gig at the Town Pump and Radio at last, thanks to 100,3TheQ Victoria; you're welcome Vancouver!