Sep. 6, 2015

Beatles / Stones Who is/was truly the best BAND?

Beatles / Stones   (MSMP supplement)                                                         May 27/15

Who is/was truly the best BAND?

            I see the Beatles as Cultural Ambassadors, some see the Stones as uncultured bastards

            The Beatles slipped the surly boundaries of their art, broke down walls musically and culturally, the leaders for those kids that didn’t WANT to go to bed at nine!

            The Beatles, once effer-visceral turned muse-ily Cerebral and infinitely, innovatively, BRILLIANT.

            The Stones, once admired by the Fabs and profited their career with the largesse of a Beatle song, tended to follow in their footsteps, avoiding the mines (Walk where I walk!) and turned their hand at the ethereal, but their true strength was boots on the ground Rock & Roll, the bluesier, dirtier, the better.

            I posit that the best time to have seen The Beatles play live would have been in Germany, at the Cavern Club, and before Ed Sullivan when all HELL broke loose and then, who could hear a thing?

            As live players, they tried to bring the house down, one last time, by playing on the roof of it in London, and then they were gone.

            The Stones never stopped playing, and just having viewed Martin Scorsese’s “Shine a light’ (and others more recent), I am TRULY amazed how they can still carry on with such a massive outpouring of energy to a massive adoring audience. (I’m gonna see Keef play one more/ last time!)

            I for one would have LOVED to have seen them play their residency at The Crawdaddy Club, that would’ve been amazing, knowing what we know now.

            Financially, the Beatles did fiscally well for their time and to take the edge off lost concert revenues, they managed one of the biggest Record Royalty deals EVER up to that time.

            The Stones, never as big or bigger record sellers as the Fabs did ok too but their desire to spank the planks again and again has set them up well into reincarnation, if they’re into that. That MAY be the solution to ‘you can’t take it with you’, go out and come back!

            To date, they have never really gone away and continue to play so I’d have to say, as a performing band…roll away the Stones!

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04.06 | 20:20

That's good Ray - spread it around

04.06 | 18:55

Hopefully history will finally teach us that we are all one. No better, no worse.Love one another as you would be loved - and the world and people will be in a better place.

04.06 | 18:46

Excellent musings my friend. What a twisted world and to look now and see it get worse instead of better.

04.06 | 18:16

Wow cuz that's great writing and truth

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