Nov. 15, 2015

My Special Music People #29

  Here's this weeks edition and no doubt you're all thankful it isn't longer!

        We begin with Twins, get Thor, meet JT and a bunch of Tools, go reluctantly to T.O,, meet the TPC Crew, get runned over by Tractors, and get stuck in Traffic and have a Hip replacement.

            I'm looking forward to a restful few days and have planned to fake my own death if I get called to come into work because somebody got lost, forgot, or broke a nail.

My Special Music People: #29

A Brief Raycap of my Career in a Nuthouse, Nutshell.

A Short List of some of the SPECIAL people and projects I worked with during my 38 Odd (and they WERE ODD!) years in the Music Bidness..

The material herein remains the property of Ray Ramsay and is not intended for Publication, Reproduction, or Broadcast without the Authors permission. Yeah.

The Thompson Twins~

Weren’t, not real twins, they were a trio named after a British cartoon series, and they WERE a bit toonish (and tune-ish) looking with their sticky-uppy hair (Tom and Alana) except for Joe Leeway, the Dreaded one, and with their fashionably toonish clothes that had buttons the size of Man Hole covers!

Alanah was the femme fatale formerly with a heroin habit, Tom was the school teacher we all wanted, and Joe…..Joe was the colored guy in charge of wearing Dreadlocks, I guess.

            Watching their equally fashionable fans go around the Coliseum Concourse was a bit like watching the rinse cycle of a load of Very LOUD clothes go round, a study in contrast from the Good Glam Goth a’mighty experience of Motley Crue the next night 

Here we are backstage at the Pacific Coliseum in 1985. The Thompson Twins and Contest winners (L>R2) the Dreaded Joe Leeway. 3 contest winners, Alanah with either a crème pie or perhaps a Cumulo Nimbus cloud on her head, 2 more contest winners, Tom, winner and the aforementioned..R2. Photog-Joness Bowie


John Mikl started out as John Mikl Body Rock at Wrestling matches in between body-slams. When I joined RCA, his was the first Rock project I got to promote. I had the feeling my 2 years promoting KISS successfully had something to do with my hiring; it was the same VISUAL type of thing.

RCA was known as a BIG Country label (as well as the home of Elvis) and I had massive success with Quality with Baldemar Huerta (Freddy Fender) who had spent time in the joint for having one, as well as The Happiest Girl in the WHOLE USA, Biker Girl/School Teacher, Donna Fargo.

Justin Timberlake~

A fine fellow whether with NSYNC or on his own. He went out of his way to be helpful. One time while touring with Christina Aguilera (post Media Shit Storm) their Vancouver date had to be canceled at the last minute as it seems that somebody forgot to tell ALL the truck drivers they couldn’t have a record other than phonograph and he couldn’t cross the border and HIS truck had all the connecting thingies (it’s called TOURING people, it’s not new, pay attention!) so their sold out show got blown out of the water.

While both artists were in town, only Justin’s people bothered to call me to see how best to handle the Radio, Media, Fans, so they did care.

While all this was going on Christina’s people has the promoter sweeping the venue with Bomb Dogs! Huh, I didn’t think she was THAT bad.

Backstage with the NSYNC Crew at their 1stVancouver appearance with the BMG Crew: (L>R) R2, Justin.some other mooks from the group, our own Miss Katherine and our Lovely Lisa. Front row NSYNC guy with a potted plant on his head and BMGs M2 (Mike Moreau) Photo by Kodak, I guess.


-another 5 year band, very dark project, but when they broke…Lyle Chausse was huge in helping break this, kind of an inside job. Maynard was an odd duck; when I saw them perform at the PNE Forum I saw a small man, come onstage, in boxer shorts, painted blue. He autographed things by pressing 5 blue fingers onto things, unique.

Sean Cordner, our BMG Street rep at the time, and I went to meet them the afternoon of the show and it was weird; we went in and introduce ourselves and they kept their heads down over their bowls and continued to slurp soup, they didn’t even burp at us! Walking around the venue inside in noticed a number of needles lying around and THAT always creeps me out, so needles to say, we left.

While the band was together, the audience was quickly falling apart literally.

Some of them were so messed up on whatever, they were actually falling over, some into steel waste barrels. I think I picked up enough teeth to make a necklace.

I think the only other time I saw an audience in that shape was at a Rap show where the band Urban Dance Squad (from Holland), was letting people up on stage to dive off into the crowd and surf away when one kid, a rather robust kid, like a fridge with a head, got up and dived into the crowd that parted like Moses and the Red Sea, splitting his head open on the cement floor and being rushed to Emergency to be reassembled.

Wow, An evening out, cold; Hmmm, money well spent?


            I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been there, and each time has been an exhausting Spin-dizzy marathon. Each time, at each meeting/convention it seemed every meal (including Breakfast if you count eggs) was Chicken, top of the menu. This likely accounts for it being near the top of Ontario’s Endangered Species List (Harlan Saunders would be a close 2nd). My favorite view of Toronto is from a Westbound Airplane with me giving a Float Wave.

The TPC Crew~(Taylor, Pearson & Carson)

Gary, Cal, Wayne, Beav, and a few others. Reg gave us all our breaks but we made ourselves successful. Great people one and all. I’ve lost track of Gary Ritz but I’d love to re-connect with him if anyone knows his whereabouts.

Here’s Calvin Lew and R’s truly waaaaay back when we was fab, smiling and laughing at my hair & pants in our office at 1036 Richards St which would become more famously known as ‘Richards on Richards’ in the future.

The Tractors-

Ronnie Dunn’s former band from Oklahoma. Our local Country station   was possibly the ONLY one in North America to NOT play ‘Baby likes to Rock it’ when it was a SIZZLING hit. Later, they told me I was right and played it. I LOVE a good fight but a timely win is better than just being right.

They followed this up with one of the BEST Xmas records ever featuring ‘SANTA likes to Rock it. They stopped short of an Easter release of ‘Bunny likes to hop it’…..sigh.


            Notably Dave Mason, who had a solo career and a big hit with ‘Feelin’ Alright’, covered by Joe Cocker as well, Jim Capaldi, and the White Stevie Wonder, Steve Winwood, ambience driver.

            I got my first jolt of Steve Winwood when I first heard ‘Gimme Some Lovin’ by the Spencer Davis Group who were on the ‘Island’ label; he was Stevie Wonder/Little Richard combined, only paler.

            Then came a Traffic Jam of ‘Dear Mr Fantasy’ and a succession of brilliant albums.

            Jim Capaldi was their drummer and I swear he was BORN on a back-beat!

            He did a couple of solo albums, very tasty, that produced ‘So Much Lovin’, ‘Low Rider’, aaaand a true Classic, a version of ‘Oh, How We Danced!” (The Anniversary Song), written by none other than the little tramp himself, Charlie Chaplin!

            Those White English boys sure got Soul!

Tragically Hip-We, at RCA, STARTED these guys off, another label made all the money…how many times???? Quite a project

The material herein remains the property of Ray Ramsay / ALadinLadner Publishing:The Written Werd and Dirty Book Store is not intended for Publication, Reproduction, or Broadcast without the Authors permission. Yeah.

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That's good Ray - spread it around

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Hopefully history will finally teach us that we are all one. No better, no worse.Love one another as you would be loved - and the world and people will be in a better place.

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Excellent musings my friend. What a twisted world and to look now and see it get worse instead of better.

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Wow cuz that's great writing and truth

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